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Mozaik Nyelviskola Szentendre

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In the heart of Europe, 18 km from the capital of Hungary, in the artistic town named Szentendre,  we have our school where you can learn not only Hungarian but also Arabic with a very practical way to read and write in a matter of a month as well as speak the most used variation of arabic the Egyptian, understood all over the Arab world, why go so far, we can do it for you here with native speaker. You just have to speak some of any of these languages: English, Italian, Hungarian or of course Arabic.

Why is it worth to learn online?

Because the online learning convenient, easy and yet effective.

Speaking about online learning and considering how comfortable it is, you will not find any disadvantages when comparing with other ways of learning.


You do not have to travel to your language teacher and so, forget about travel costs and find courses even overseas.

Try it, wherever you are you can choose the course for you.


Why learn Arabic?

ˇ            *    206 million people speak Arabic.

ˇ            *   It is the fifth most spoken language of the world.

ˇ            *    It's the language of a region with a very different culture situated just a few miles away from Europe.

ˇ                   You read Arabic books from the last page to the first which is very fascinating


Why learn Hungarian?

Hungarian is a very nice language, so it's worth learning it, even if it is hard to    do, so if you are somehow connected to Hungary or if you just want to learn    a unique language, Hungarian is the answer.

* Due to the years of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Austria as a neighbour,    lots of German word were imported and melted into Hungarian. 



Tuition fees:   4650 HUF / 60 min  
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Cég adatai:

Mozaik Dunakanyar Bt.

adószám:    21136328-1-41

Székhely:   1045 Budapest, Pozsonyi u. 4.

Telephely:  2000 Szentendre, Kucsera Ferenc u. 15.


Mozaik Dunakanyar Nyelviskola 

2000 Szentendre, Kucsera F. u. 15. 
(bejárat a Bükkospart felől)

Tel:          0626 / 312-943    Mobil:   06-20/ 25-48-619





H - P :  11.00 - 16.00 

 a tanlókkal egyeztetett időpontokban.    




         47°    39'   55  N

         19°      4'   33  E


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